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By operating at the intersection between individual creditors and debtors, we are facing the everyday challenge of balancing out the two oppositely motivated worlds of these aforementioned interest groups. Our mission is to craft and pursue the win-win strategy for all sides involved – meeting creditors’ recovery expectations & mitigate the debtors’ financial burden in a bearable way.


Helping our debtors return to a healthy financial state by clearing their debts is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in our ability to work with them towards our common goal.

We offer our debtors proven tools to solve their financial difficulties. We’ve developed a range of unique ways to help them pay off their debt including tailored repayment schedules fitting their current financial possibilities. Throughout this entire process, we cherish key following values:


Fair play

Respectful & empathetic approach to all debtors without distinction


Personalized service

Possibility of tailoring individual repayment schedules based on debtor’s current solvency status


Communication agility

Possibility to pick a preferred way of communication with our agency


Data protection

Strictly confidential & discreet data handling management backed by advanced cyber security and internal data security processes



Easy navigation and real-time account tracking through our intuitive website

We provide multiple avenues for contact, including our call centres, emails, web and SMS options. If you have further questions on payment, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


Working together with our partners on debt recovery is the key element of our business operations. In the process of meeting specific client’s needs and local requirements, we are sourcing both from our comprehensive knowledge of the Palmetto State business environment as well as from a long-term global experience in debt collection industry overall which is underlined by following key added values of our business operations:


Cooperation agility

Tailor-made & flexible approach with strong focus on understanding particular clients’ needs


High tech solutions

Unique software enabling proper screening and advanced segmentation of cases which enhances efficiency and improve the debt collection process overall


Advanced analysis

Thorough pre-acquisition risk assessment of debt- portfolios through our data-proven methods done by our experienced analysts


Collaborative partnership

Substantive communication based on mutual understanding & trust with an ultimate goal of building long-term mutually beneficial relationships


Know how

Local proficiency with strong understanding of SC market specifics and its regulations backed by long-term experience of more than 30 years in debt collection globally

We believe our approach positions us as an innovative and reliable partner for creditors seeking efficient and technologically advanced debt collection services. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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